Cristo Rey St. Viator, in North Las Vegas, is on a roll. After starting its second academic year in August — achieving success with in-person and e-learning — the school already is actively recruiting for next year’s class of 2021-2022. However, the reality of COVID-19, and the inability to have direct contact with students and parents because of distance learning, has caused administrators to think outside the box.

Br. Carlós Florez, CSV, works with a student to get out the mass mailing.

“I am pleased with these innovative and creative efforts to reach out to our future families and future students,” says Fr. Thomas von Behren, CSV, President.

He credits Br. Carlos Flórez, CSV, Director of Recruitment and Admissions and Ms. Dulce Martinez, Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator, with expanding the school’s reach out to prospective families.

Cristo Rey St. Viator opened in 2019.

They started with a mass mailing campaign, targeting thousands of families in the zip codes where current students live. But they didn’t stop there. They are unveiling four billboards in October, and advertising in the Las Vegas Review Journal, parish bulletins and in bus stops. They also created posters with testimonials from current students and their families — and all before offering a virtual tour of the school filmed by a drone.

What drives them is the Viatorian mission to give young people with limited economic means the access to a college preparatory education and ultimately help them become people of faith, purpose and service.

The Cristo Rey model and its work study experience are key to the school’s success, including its corporate partners — and mentors — within each work setting. Their partnership gives students access to a high-quality education while developing lifelong skills and creating professional networks.