Fr. Daniel Hall, CSV, Provincial, has completed visits to all of the U.S. regions on Saturday, when he met with associate and professed Viatorians in Las Vegas.

Associate Connie Gerber receives a special crucifix from Fr. Dan Hall, in recognition of her 15 years as an associate.

The meeting was a joyous one as members rejoiced at being able to gather in person again after nearly a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19 mitigations.

However, there was serious business at hand. Like Viatorians in the Bourbonnais/Kankakee and Arlington Heights/Chicago regions, they broke up into small groups to advance the strategic planning process for the Viatorian Communnity.

Planning for the future — strategically — is not easy. The process is slow — taking up to three years to complete — and methodical, but Fr. Hall and his Provincial Council believe that by working together to proactively set goals, it strengthens the community around this shared purpose and vision.

(L-R) Associate Marie Feeney, Fr. Bill Haesaert and Associates Jim and Marie May

Already, Viatorians have identified nine goals and with each goal they have identified several objectives. At these meetings, they are working to devise strategies to animate these objectives.

Still, everyone is finding the rewards of gathering together and talking about the Viatorian Community — after two years of the pandemic — well, to be priceless.