Viatorians have ministered in Colombia for more than 50 years, in Bogotá and Tunja. While their schools are award winning, and their parishes are growing, they, like all Colombians, continue to deal with violence on a daily basis, despite the peace deal with FARC guerillas put into place two years ago.

The Latin America Working Group reports on this insecurity in its latest news brief.

They point to a Nov. 24, 2020 article by Steven Grattan for Al Jazeera: “Carabali said the current government ‘ripped the peace deal to shreds’ when they came to power in 2018 and that nothing has changed in his region, where ‘the situation is really complicated,’ he says. The deal was meant to put an end to a bloody 50-year armed conflict which killed more than 260,000 and displaced millions. But while some gains have been made, Colombians in many parts of the country continue to live with insecurity.”

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