The cheering could be heard throughout the city of Chicago, to its Northwest suburbs and as far away as South Bend, IN. With the 43rd pick of the NFL draft, the Chicago Bears chose tight end Cole Kmet. The choice was unanimously applauded.

Cole Kmet greeting Fr. Dan Hall

For starters, the Bears chose a local boy. Kmet grew up in Barrington and now lives in Arlington Heights, and his father played in the NFL. Kmet played three years at Notre Dame and was  considered to be the top tight end in the draft. However, he developed at Saint Viator High School, where among his coaches was Fr. Dan Hall, CSV, now Provincial, who traveled to South Bend last fall to see Kmet play in one of his last home games. Among the first text messages Kmet received, was one from Fr. Hall. He also heard from his high school coach, Dave Archibald.

“In his time at Saint Viator, Cole embodied characteristics that we strive to develop in student-athletes — respect, humility, and sacrifice, to name just a few,” Archibald said. “It is a joy to see him move on to the NFL after his time at Notre Dame.  Cole consistently demonstrated an outstanding work ethic, received coaching well, and cared about others around him.  He has flourished as a football player because his character brings his exceptional athletic ability to new levels.”

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