The same day that France won the World Cup, delegates to the Viatorian General Chapter — which is

Viatorians from France lead the World Cup celebration

being conducted in French — arrived at the Viatorian Province Center in Arlington Heights for a dinner and social.

The excitement was palpable, both in meeting more Viatorian professed and associates from the Arlington Heights and Chicago region, as well as over the first French win at the World Cup in 20 years.

After dinner, delegates sang and even broke out into a conga dance in celebration over the rare French win on the world stage.

Mostly, the international delegates — who came from Canada, France, Spain, Chile, the Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Haiti and Colombia — expressed joy at learning more about their Viatorian confreres and at advancing the Viatorian charism.

Fr. Harry Celestin, vicar general from Haiti, visits with Fr. Dan Hall, associate provincial of the Chicago Province

“I am filled with joy to belong to this community and to learn the richness of our international community,” said Br. Francios Savadogo, CSV, from the foundation in Burkina Faso, located in Western, Africa, who serves as finance director for San Viator in Ouagadougou.

Br. François Savadogo of Burkina Faso speaks with Fr. John Milton

Br. Darius Amani, CSV, a Spanish teacher in the Ivory Coast, described the Viatorian charism as one that is “pertinent for today’s world.”

“The world is changing very quickly,” Br. Darius said. “We need to bring our life’s values to the world — which needs it.”

One of the Viatorian associates from the Arlington Heights region, Associate Joan Thomas, summed up the thoughts of many: “This is a once in a lifetime experience to meet so many Viatorians from around the world in one place. I don’t think it will happen again in my lifetime.”

Br. Marius Sunou, from Burkina Faso, and Br. Darius Armani of the Ivory Coast, visit with Fr. Dan Lydon

Fr. Daniel Lydon, CSV, is serving as a delegate to the General Chapter from the Chicago Province. He described the experience as enlightening at meeting so many international Viatorians dedicated to Fr. Querbes and his mission, as he is.

“It’s been so refreshing,” Fr. Lydon said. “Every Viatorian should go through this.”