Last week, children at St. Viator Catholic Community went off-road for a monumental adventure through colorful canyons and sunbaked trails of the Southwest — and all without leaving the confines of the parish.

Sound like an adventure? You bet, as these youngsters and their young adult leaders spent the week “Exploring God’s Greatness.” Sure enough, it was Vacation Bible School,  where at the end of every day they exclaimed: “God’s love is monumental!”

Viatorians around the world commit themselves to “raising up communities where faith is lived, deepened and celebrated” — and to be dedicated educators of the faith.

Viatorian Associate Rosy Hartz organizes VBS each year in her role as youth faith formation coordinator. She and leaders from her Viator Youth Group run the week. Most of these young leaders attended VBS themselves and now are actively involved in helping a younger generation develop a rich faith life.

In all, more than 40 children from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade turned out for the summer faith experience, with nearly 20 youth leaders. Campers rotated through different stations, including crafts, inspiring songs, monumental games and an imagination station.

“Every morning we opened with a Bible verse of the day,” Rosy says, “and we closed each day with our theme song. It was a great week, with lots of energy and fun.”

In wrapping up the week, Rosy said: “Endless thanks to the leaders and adults! God’s love is Monumental!”