During Respect Life month, Viatorians join with the Conference of Major Superiors of Men in highlighting current issues. Here are some excerpts from CMSM’s latest Justice & Peace Alert:

Appeals court uphold Kentucky abortion regulations

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld previous rulings, and reversed a recent ruling, to affirm that restrictions in Kentucky on abortion providers can remain in place. Those critical of the law argued that licensing relationships with other local medical providers represented hurdles that could result in a lack of access to abortions whereas supporters cited the safety of patients as their primary concern. For more on the evolution of this case, click here.

U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops asks Department of Homeland Security for investigation into immigrant detention conditions

The USCCB has been monitoring and engaging federal agencies regarding serious concerns over the dire health conditions present within the U.S. immigrant detention system. Fiscal Year 2020 has been the deadliest in 14 years in terms of the loss of immigrant detainees and staff, with 36 people dying. Additionally, due to COVID-19 there are additional reports of insufficient access to health care, protective equipment, and a lack of coordinated releases of COVID-19 infected detainees, COVID-19 vulnerable detainees as well as individuals who do not have to be detained under U.S. immigration law.

Bishop Mario Dorsonville, Chairman of the Committee on Migration, has sent the Department of Homeland Security letters and requests for investigations. Justice for Immigrants continues to monitor the situation. Please email acube@usccb.org if you can provide updates regarding first-hand knowledge of human rights violations and inhumane conditions in an immigrant detention facility near you. You can also learn more about immigrant detention and enforcement here.