With the return of the Provincial Assembly last week — in person — came the opportunity to welcome and affirm the commitments made by associates. Their first commitments and recommitments offered a tangible sign of the life and depth of the Viatorian charism.

“Each of these Viatorians add so much to extend the mission of the Viatorian Community,” said Fr. Daniel Hall, CSV, Provincial. “We are grateful for their continued commitment.”

The Mass and commitment ceremony took place July 6 at St. George Parish in Bourbonnais. Fr. Hall presided along with Fr. Patrick Render, CSV, who offered the homily.

(L-R) Associates Mickie Prault, Jason Wilhite and Jason Kuffel make their commitments to Fr. Daniel Hall.

New associates making their first commitments included Jason Kuffel and Jason Wilhite — both graduates of Saint Viator High School — as well as Mickie Prault, a systems manager for State Farm and parishioner at Maternity BVM Parish.

All three were on hand to attend the Assembly and participate in its important discussions and strategic planning over the course of two and a half days.

“I feel the spirit of the Viatorians in all of our conversations,” Associate Jason Kuffel said. “We’re planning for the future direction of the Viatorian Community to grow for years to come.”

Associates Brian Liedlich, a former President of Saint Viator High School, and Kurt Paprocki, a Spanish teacher and 2000 graduate of Saint Viator High School, renewed their commitments for a period of three years. Unable to attend were Associates Brigette Brankin and Brian Hansen — both teachers at Saint Viator High School — and Ky Guerrero, Tommy Gugino, Kathy Keating and Janet Manfredi, all involved with St. Viator Catholic Community in Las Vegas.

(L-R) Associates Kurt Paprocki and Brian Liedlich make their commitments before Fr. Hall and Fr. Patrick Render, coordinator of association

Another pair from Las Vegas, Associates Anthony Gugino and Romeo Perez, renewed their commitments for five years. Unable to join them were Associates Megan Landis and Deborah Perez, both of Las Vegas.

After these associates made their commitments to Fr. Hall, they posed for a group photo. Their joy at being recognized as equal partners of the Viatorian Community, was contagious.

(L-R) Associates Anthony Gugino and Romeo Perez

Associate Rosy Hartz, who coordinates faith formation at St. Viator Catholic Community in Las Vegas, summed up the thoughts of all those in attendance: “It’s so great to see everyone together. It just enhances my faith!”