Together, they have nearly 60 years of history with Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, and much of their commitment to staying so long can be directly related to their working relationships with the Viatorians.

Associates Connie Gerber and Kim Martinez reflect on their years at the school — Gerber was there 41 years, while Martinez will start her 28th year in the fall — in this latest podcast episode of Viatorian Voices: Conversations on the Way.

“I came right from college — and stayed 41 years,” says Gerber, who eventually served as principal. “The Viatorians were superb in providing strong academics and faith formation, while actively making it a welcoming atmosphere for the lay people who worked there. They were very inclusive.”

Martinez, agreed, describing the school and its Viatorian heritage as “very unique.”

“The Viatorians gave us — and continue to give us as a community of lay associates and professed — a sense of journeying together,” Martinez says, “of working together for the same purpose and goals.”