Associate Brian Hansen has been volunteering at Viator House of Hospitality since 2017, when he served as weekend house coordinator while he earning his master’s degree in theology at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago.

Associate Brian Hansen

His commitment didn’t end there. When he started teaching religion at Saint Viator High School in 2019, he continued at Viator House as a live-in volunteer and he began discerning as a Viatorian associate.

He moves out this week and the entire house wishes him the best with his new wife, Elizabeth.

“Congrats to Brian who has served our community well as he now begins married life,” said Fr. Corey Brost, executive director of Viator House. “He has a heart of gold and a faith life a mile deep. We will miss him, but will still consider him part of the family.”

However, Brian’s departure leaves a giant void in the house, Fr. Corey says.

Fr. Dan Hall affirms these associates in choosing to carry on the Viatorian mission, (L-R), first row: Barbara D’Urso, Chris Guckwa, Ann Perez and Christopher Perez. Back row: Brian Liedlich, Kurt Paprocki, Brian Hansen and Brigette Brankin.

With Brian gone and no live-in volunteers on the horizon, the home and its men desperately need volunteers to help out as overnight volunteers, from 10 p.m. – 10 a.m. For starters, they are seeking male volunteers to stay one Friday night per month, since they have staff who can cover Thursday and Saturday nights.

An overnight volunteer picks up participants who work past 10 p.m., he explains, makes sure all the doors are locked, says “Goodnight” to the men still awake and then retires to his private room where he sleeps while “on-call” in case of sickness or emergency. The overnight volunteer then wakes up a bit early to open the kitchens so men can make breakfast before work.

“This is a great volunteer opportunity,” Fr. Corey says, “especially for a young adult male interested in making a difference.”

If interested, email Fr. Corey at: