Fr. Dan Hall, CSV, is the ultimate marathon man, the endurance runner who rises early every morning to get in his training.

Fr. Dan Hall, shown earlier this summer at Saint Viator High School

Turns out he will need all of that energy and endurance for the next few months that lie ahead. He explained all of that when he addressed faculty members today at Saint Viator High School, during their in-service day before the school year starts next week.

“They say there are no problems — only opportunities,” Fr. Hall said at the outset. “Well, this summer has been filled with opportunities.”

He told faculty members about how the Viatorians elected Fr. Mick Egan, CSV, as their new Superior General in charge of the worldwide community, resulting in Fr. Hall, as assistant provincial, needing to take over as provincial. He will hold the title until Nov. 30, when a special election will be held among Viatorians in this country and in Colombia to choose a new provincial.

Fr. Dan Hall, CSV

“I’ll still be teaching social studies and working as vice president of Viatorian mission and identity,” Fr. Hall continued, “and when

Fr. Dan Hall continues to be an assistant football coach, shown here with Br. Peter Lamick, center

I’m not coaching football and wrestling, I’ll be working across the field (in the Province Center, as provincial).

“It’s a pretty full plate,” he conceded, “but it’s going to be a great year.”

In closing, he reminded the more than 100 faculty and staff that the Viatorian mission belonged to all of them, not just the religious and clergy.

“Each of us needs to pick up the ball,” Fr. Hall said, “and share that mission with our young people.”