Fr. Daniel Mirabelli, CSV, already held a unique distinction in the Viatorian mirabelli0007Community: He was one of the first two novices to profess his vows at the new Viatorian Novitiate when it was being established in Arlington Heights, some 63 years ago, and this year he celebrates 55 years of priesthood.

Now, he has another claim to fame: He will celebrate his 50th anniversary of serving at the same site, Alleman High School in Rock Island, IL.563fe75973a5e_image

Fr. Mirabelli’s approaching milestone prompted an editorial to run in the Quad Cities Online news outlet, that ran with the headline: Father Mirabelli, Simply as Good as it Gets.

Over the course of his 50 years at the school, Fr. Mirabelli has taught history and social studies, served as business manager, chaplain, bookstore manager and currently the director of development.  mirabelli_father_crop8x10

“Thousands have passed through Alleman’s doors in Father’s five decades,” wrote columnist John Marx, an Alleman graduate. “Through a variety of sincere methods, he finds way to keep the majority connected to the school. He is genuine in his care and concern for all.

“I can count on one hand the number of people I cannot say no to; Father is one,” Marx added. “I assume that is because of his mission in life and his unselfish approach to better the lives others.”

Daniel Lee, an Alleman graduate currently practicing law in Chicago, says Fr. Mirabelli is affectionately called, “Fr. Alleman,” and with good reason.

“He is so universally loved and respected, both inside and outside the Alleman community,” Lee says. “Everyone associated with Alleman has been so fortunate to have him at the school for 50 years.”