Why do you look for the living among the dead? (Lk 24:1-6)

As the celebration of Easter nears, we are drawn once again into looking at the empty tomb, at the joyful proclamation of Christ’s resurrection from the dead. The angel’s question to the women who come to anoint the body of Jesus, though, is something we need to take seriously.

Easter is not just a happy ending to Jesus’ story. On the contrary, it is a challenging beginning because it calls upon us to change our lives and live as missionary disciples announcing Jesus’ resurrection.

How do we announce the resurrection? Comforting the grieving, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, reaching out to people on the margins, working for peace—all these are ways of announcing the resurrection and making it more evident in a world that desperately needs to hear this Good News.

On behalf of the Viatorian Community I wish you a joyous Easter!

Mark R Francis, CSV