Fr. Robert Bolser, CSV, has witnessed different customs for remembering the dead, from Colombia to Mexico and even among his own Viatorians, where traditionally they would visit the graves of those that went before them.

But on this All Souls Day, Fr. Bolser said the feast day all comes down to this: “It is a celebration of hope and resurrection.”

Fr. Robert Bolser, CSV, celebrated Mass quietly in the Province Center chapel for his confreres and members of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

“Let us remember those who have influenced us in our Viatorian lives of faith, of which there were many,” Fr. Bolser said. “But this is not a day of solemn prayer — but one of hope, that one day we may see the face of God and experience life after this world.

“It is with this hope,” he concluded, “that we await the future.”