For more than 30 years, Viatorian Associate Clairmarie Slaveck ran Guardian Angel Cathedral, serving behind the scenes as business manager. She paid the bills, ordered supplies, managed the gift shop, supervised staff, coordinated the counting of the weekly collection, and assisted in liturgical life of the parish. 2012 assembly portrait

Over the years, when Viatorians served as rectors of the cathedral, they described her as indispensable.

“Her knowledge and commitment — and spirit of collaboration — made her an invaluable asset for all of us who served with her,” said Fr. Lawrence Lentz, CSV, former rector and current associate pastor of St. Viator Catholic Community in Las Vegas.

Clairmarie retired this week after a total of 37 years working for the Diocese of Las Vegas, including her first six years as business manager of St. Viator angel cat 2

Viatorian associates, brothers and priests turned out for her retirement luncheon on Tuesday, held at the cathedral’s Anderson Hall, as well as her family members, cathedral staff members and former co-workers.

“I am grateful for all that God has enabled me to do,” Clairmarie said. “I am especially grateful for my work with, and as, a Viatorian.”

She is not riding off into the sunset, however. Clairmarie said she plans to continue her ministry as a Viatorian associate — she made her first commitment in 2009 — at her parish, St. Thomas More Catholic Community in Henderson.

“Clairmarie is the quintessential ‘church lady,’ ” Fr. Lentz added. “She is someone whose life work has been one of serving others.”