Envisioning Gospel-based Solidarity and Flourishing with Migrants

Members of the Viatorians gathered last week with Catholic religious justice and peace leaders in a virtual meeting organized by the U.S. Conference of Major Superiors of Men (CMSM). They met to develop collaborative responses and strategies to the emergency on the US – Mexico border, as well as the crisis of immigrants and their families throughout the United States.

Br. Michael Gosch, CSV

“We gathered with our hearts, reaching out in prayers to God for our brothers and sisters affected by COVID-19 and in solidarity with medical workers who are at the front line giving medical assistance to those who are sick,” said Eli McCarthy, CMSM director of justice and peace.

Together, these religious leaders affirmed the common humanity we share with migrants and refugees, and expressed a desire to strengthen our solidarity with them, in order to build a stronger nonviolent movement within the Catholic Church to challenge inhumane and unjust immigration and border policies. They looked at how racism, economic injustice, climate change, militarization and migration are all interconnected, just as the human family is connected to its migrant sisters and brothers. An intersectional lens helps illuminate how these issues not only exacerbate each other — especially forced migration — but how getting to the root causes of forced migration requires that these issues be addressed together.

Br. Michael Gosch, CSV, can be seen in this session: Accompaniment and Solidarity from a Pastoral Lens.

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