Community Life

Viatorian community life is lived at four levels:

  • Local Level
    Although a number of professed members live on their own in apartments or rectories due to ministry or circumstance, many members live in small local communities ranging in size from two to eighteen members in eleven residences. Each local community is responsible for determining its community life relative to community prayer, meals, and lifestyle. Few local communities have “superiors”. Rather, the majority of local communities opt for a shared responsibility model that determines common life together. Members living on their own often stay connected with a local community.

  • Regional Level
    Each of the five regions (Arlington Heights/Chicago, Bourbonnais/Kankakee, Colombia, Henderson/Las Vegas) provides opportunities for associates and professed to gather on a monthly basis for prayer, meal, discussion, and/or socialization.

    Additionally, the regional communities gather to celebrate the Feast of St. Viator on or near October 21 each year.


  • Provincial Level
    The entire community is invited to gather twice a year, once in June for retreat and once in July for assembly.


  • International Level
    Elected delegates of professed members from each of the five provinces (Canada, Chicago, Chile, France, Spain) gather every six years for a General Chapter and General Assembly. Elected delegates of associate members from each of the five provinces gather every six years with professed members at the General Assembly.