About Us

The Clerics of Saint Viator (Viatorians) is an international Roman Catholic religious congregation comprised of priests, brothers and lay associates, headquartered in Arlington Heights, IL. Collectively, the congregation is known as the Viatorian Community. Its members proclaim Jesus Christ and his Gospel to those whom they serve, and work to raise up communities where faith can be lived, deepened, and celebrated (C 8).

Professed members of the Viatorians of the Province of Chicago live and work in Illinois, Nevada and Colombia, in parishes, schools and in specialized ministries.

About The Viatorian Community

The lay men and women who have committed themselves as Viatorian Associates, work in a variety of professions, but they share in the Viatorian charism.

Fr. Louis Querbes (1793-1859) founded the congregation in Vourles, France in the 19th century during the years following the French Revolution. Realizing the need to provide education for youth, Fr. Querbes’ vision was to send religious brothers and lay catechists of deep faith and competent learning to parish schools in the countryside. find out more

As patron saint of the congregation, Fr. Querbes chose St. Viator, a young, 4th century catechist-lector of the cathedral church of Lyons, France. St. Viator was devoted to teaching youth, especially the poor, and serving parishes in all matters related to the liturgical practice. find out more about St. Viator