The national recognition of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (Jan. 9) took place Monday, but the Viatorian Community is still celebrating the accomplishments of its own member of law enforcement, Associate Paul Hartz.

He is the only police officer in the Viatorian Community, having worked for the last 21 years for the Las Vegas City Marshals, which works to protect the City of Las Vegas and its surroundings parks and facilities. Just last month, Paul was promoted to the rank of lieutenant.

Associate Paul Hartz

But that’s not the only award he’s up for. In February, he and his wife, Associate Rosy Hartz, are among three couples being honored by the St. Viator School Foundation for their active roles in support of Catholic education.

Consequently, while Paul fights crime in the city and parks of Las Vegas, he devotes himself to building up the spiritual lives of young people, away from work.

Paul and his wife first became associated with Viatorians when Rosy accepted the role of youth minister at St. Viator Catholic Community in Las Vegas, in 2001.

“It was at St. Viator where I truly understood what a faith community is,” Paul says.

The couple married in 2003 at St. Viator and within four years, they began the discernment process to become associates. They made their first commitments as Viatorian Associates in 2009 and they haven’t looked back.

Associates Paul and Rosy Hartz at a VYC session.

They accompany a delegation of young people every year to the Viatorian Youth Congress and in 2012, they established the Campus Ministry program at St. Viator Catholic School. The after school activity, which immerses junior high students in retreats and community service, was groundbreaking, since St. Viator School was the first in the Las Vegas Diocese to create a Campus Ministry program.

“We aim to draw young people closer to the Viatorian Community,” Paul says, “and to their faith.”