Fr. Mark Francis, CSV, Provincial, described Thursday’s morning Mass as a special celebration. That’s because Br. Jhobany Orduz, CSV, received the two instituted ministries of lector and acolyte during the liturgy. In the intimate setting of the Province Center chapel, with the sun streaming in and surrounded his Viatorian confreres, Br. Jhobany added new ministries to his religious vocation.

Fr. Mark Francis confers the instituted ministries of reader upon Br. Jhobany Orduz.

“These two ministries cause us to reflect on how our founder, Fr. Querbes, described the Viatorian mission as the ‘Teaching of Christian Doctrine and Service of the Holy Altar,’ ” Fr. Francis said.

Reading from the rite, Fr. Francis addressed Br. Jhobany: “As a reader and bearer of God’s word, you will assist in this mission, and so take on a special office within the Christian community; you will be given a responsibility in the service of the faith, which is rooted in the word of God. You will proclaim that word in the liturgical assembly, instruct children and adults in the faith and prepare them to receive the sacraments worthily. You will bring the message of salvation to those who have not yet received it. With your help, men and women will come to know God our Father and his Son Jesus Christ, whom he sent, and so be able to reach eternal life.”

Br. Jhobany helps prepare for the consecration.

In the next rite, Br. Jhobany received the instituted ministry of acolyte. As Fr. Francis explained, the acolyte is instituted to serve at the altar and to assist the priest and deacon in the celebration of the Mass.

Both rites came during a liturgy when the gospel reading from Matthew: 28-30, began: “Jesus said: ‘Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.’ ”

Upon hearing that, Fr. Francis asked his confreres during the homily: “As ministers of the church and as church professionals, do we proclaim good news? Why was Jesus so popular? Because he had a message of good news.”

Br. John Eustice and Br. Jhobany, both seminarians, joyfully add music to the Mass.

“How does that come across in our own preaching, in our ministry,” Fr. Francis asked his confreres. “That is our job as ministers of the church, ” he added, “to reveal God as a God who loves each and every one of you.”

Fr. Francis shared his homily with all of the Viatorians gathered, but in a special way to Br. Jhobany. “Go forth and show that love of God to others.”