Watching the events in our nation’s capital was extremely disturbing. What was more disturbing was listening to the rhetoric that preceded this tragic event. If we look at history, we see that most acts of hate and violence are preceded by violent hate speech. Words have a lot of power. They can draw out the best in people and they can bring out the dark side as well.

Fr. Dan Hall

President-elect Joe Biden calls for a return to decency and civility. Somewhere, somehow, we as a nation have lost our way. We have lost the moral compass and replaced looking out for one another with what is best for me.  Our political leaders would do well to look to the past, to a time when politicians would work together for the common good and put the country’s best interest ahead of party loyalty.

We have, as a nation survived many difficult moments, and I am sure that we will survive the events of this week and the years of hatred, bigotry and division that led up to this tragic event.  Four people lost their lives needlessly. I was appalled to see the attackers carrying the American flag. There was nothing American about what they were doing.

Please join me in praying for our nation, for President-elect Biden and his team as they work to heal the wounds of this country and bring us back to an era of dignity, civility and decency.


Rev.  Daniel R. Hall, CSV

Clerics of St. Viator, Chicago Province