Viatorian vocations continue to grow!

Br. John Alexander Avellaneda, CSV, Br. Edwin Alfonso Barreto, CSV, Br. Parmenio Enrique Medina, CSV, and Br. Juan David Ramirez, CSV, all made their perpetual professions over the weekend, during a Mass steeped in tradition.

The ceremony took place in the gym at Colegio San Viator in Bogotá and drew a crowd of family members, as well as Viatorian associates and professed.

Fr. Daniel Hall, CSV, Provincial, presided and received the vows as a delegate of Fr. Robert Egan,CSV, Superior General. Provincial Council members also traveled to Bogotá for the historic day, including Fr. Mark Francis, CSV, Br. Michael Gosch, CSV, and Br. Rob Robertson, CSV.

Before professing their vows, the brothers lie prostrate, signaling their unworthiness and total dependence on God.

“On making your perpetual profession, I want all of you to know that we are also making a commitment to walk with you forever on this journey of faith,” said Fr. Daniel Hall, CSV, Provincial, during his homily.

“Members of our community who live in the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation give witness to the gospel to the Church and to the world,” he added. “Religious life is not always easy. We experience the same trials as everyone else. In the times we all experience, when things seem darkest; it is then that we lean on each other as brothers and together we can weather any storm.”

Fr. Dan Hall gives his final blessing upon (L-R) Br. Juan David, Br. Enrique, Br. Edwin and Br. John.

Each newly perpetually professed spoke at the close of Mass to thank people who have supported them. Beyond their families and members of the Viatorian Community in Colombia, all four brothers credited Fr. Rafael Sanabria, CSV, who died last year. Fr. Sanabria had served as vocations director and pre-novice director at the time these brothers entered the community.

After the vow ceremony, the brothers shared a joyous lunch with their well wishers. This week, they resumed their teaching duties, with Br. Edwin and Br. Enrique returning to Colegio San Viator in Bogotá and Br. John and Br. Juan David returning to Colegio San Viator in Tunja.