Fr. Corey Brost, CSV, wears many hats within the Viatorian Community. A former president of Saint Viator High School, he currently serves as executive director of Viator House of Hospitality and he is a popular liturgist at parishes in Chicago’s Northwest suburbs.

Fr. Corey Brost helps two teen members of the Children of Abraham Coalition plan a Peace Camp for younger children

Yet, in whatever role he serves, he actively promotes religious understanding and discussion among different faith traditions. His latest effort was to write an op-ed piece that was published Dec. 7 in the Daily Herald. In it, he gives examples of recent threats to Jewish students, a Jewish cemetery that was vandalized and celebrities praising Hitler.

“I have a message for my fellow Christians,” Fr. Corey writes. “This is our problem too. We need to speak out without delay.”

In the same piece, Fr. Corey describes how he came to form a suburban interfaith organization. It was 10 years after the 9/11 tragedies when he brought together suburban teens and adults of Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths to learn about their shared Abrahamic traditions.

They formed the Children of Abraham Coalition, that now includes adults and teens — of all faiths — on its board, but young people continue to drive its events, especially its summer peace camps.

Fr. Corey Brost processes into Mass at St. Raymond Church in Mount Prospect.

“I do this as a Catholic priest for three reasons,” he writes. “First, my faith demands that I speak out against hate aimed at any faith tradition and learn enough to stand against the stereotypes that fuel that hate.

“Second, as a leader in the majority religion in this nation — Christianity — it is incumbent that I use whatever influence that majority status gives me on the behalf of any minority facing attack,” he adds. “Third, my personal faith has been deeply enriched as I witness the deep faith practiced by my Muslim and Jewish friends — young and older.”

Fr. Corey urges all Christians to join him in taking action against all forms of antisemitism. Be an upstander, he says, not a bystander.