Viatorians and members of the Conference of Major Superiors of Men join with Pope Francis, who on Sunday called for a cease-fire in the conflict unfolding in Gaza and Israel.

America Magazine reports that the Holy Father condemned the violence and loss of life and asserted, “Numerous persons have been injured, and many innocent people have died—among them also children, and this is terrible and unacceptable. Their death is a sign that there is not the will to build the future but the [will] to destroy it.”

According to Vatican News, he is urging dialogue among leaders and asking all people of faith to pray for peace.

Yet, as world leaders pursue diplomacy and humanitarian workers come alongside the wounded in the Holy Land, we pray for the suffering, for those who have lost family, and for those who are displaced.

Using the words of a prayer by Catholic Relief Services, and through the intercession of Mary, Queen of Peace, we pray for God’s healing and presence as “a sure support for those who work toward reconciliation.”