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Peace & Justice

Asylum Seekers Deserve Dignity and Due Process

published on: April 23, 2019

The National Immigrant Justice Center issued a statement in response to Attorney General William Barr’s decision to deny bond hearings and indefinitely detain asylum seekers who enter the United States outside ports of entry. “By eliminating the right to a … Continue reading

Why Asking About Citizenship in Next Census is a Bad Idea

published on: April 18, 2019

Viatorians agree with the ACLU, whose members are against the Trump administration’s idea to ask about citizenship in the 2020 census. Here are some of the reasons why it matters: The number of representatives we get in Congress The number … Continue reading

Working to Make Access to Affordable Medicine

published on: April 18, 2019

Viatorians support NETWORK Lobby for Social Justice, which was founded — and continues to be driven — by women religious. As part of their efforts to lobby for justice at the federal level, NETWORK supporters are working to engage groups … Continue reading

Advancing Non-Violence

published on: April 16, 2019

The Conference of Major Superiors of Men, of which the Viatorians are members, recently participated in a Vatican workshop entitled “Path of Nonviolence: Towards a Culture of Peace,” co-sponsored by the Dicastery of Integral Human Development and Pax Christi International. … Continue reading

Viator House of Hospitality Continues to Draw Supporters

published on: April 9, 2019

Two years after a pair of Viatorians opened the Viator House of Hospitality, the mission to welcome young, immigrant men seeking asylum in this country continues to build momentum — and support. Its most recent fundraiser, held at Maggiano’s Little … Continue reading

Viatorians Support Technology in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

published on: April 8, 2019

STOP THE TRAFFIK is pioneering an intelligence-led model to prevent human trafficking. The power of technology means its messages can reach any person anywhere in the world with a phone in their hand or access to the internet. The organization’s … Continue reading

Viatorians Respond to Growing Number of Families Seeking Asylum at Border

published on: March 27, 2019

Viatorians learned this week that the number of meals served at the dining room run by the Kino Border Initiative — which is a project of the Catholic Church in Nogales — has grown dramatically, with approximately 400-500 meals being … Continue reading

Prayers for Those Affected by Flooding

published on: March 20, 2019

The past week was an extremely difficult one for many who live in the rural areas of the Midwest, and officials with Catholic Rural Life are asking for prayers for all the affected farm families. From eastern Colorado through South Dakota, Nebraska … Continue reading

A Statement from the Viatorian Community in Response to the New Zealand Shootings

published on: March 18, 2019

The Viatorian Community expresses its solidarity with the Muslim community after the horrific attack in New Zealand. Our hearts reach out to the entire Muslim community with thoughts of care and love. Such senseless acts of violence and hatred only reinforce our … Continue reading

Word of Viator House of Hospitality Growing

published on: March 5, 2019

Viator House of Hospitality quietly reached its second anniversary in January, but work supporting its young immigrant men seeking asylum, never stops. Now, word of the home and its mission is drawing increased attention. In the latest online edition of … Continue reading

A Catholic Response to President Trump’s National Emergency Declaration

published on: February 21, 2019

An article published in America, the Jesuit Review, offers direct testimony from Catholic leaders serving people on the Mexico borders, and why they resist Trump’s national emergency plan to fund the border wall. Members of the Conference of Major Superiors … Continue reading

A Response to the State of the Union from the American Business Immigration Coalition

published on: February 7, 2019

The American Business Immigration Coalition believes immigrants are essential members of our economy and communities. Data from Forbes demonstrates that immigrant entrepreneurs and consumers contribute billions of taxes each year and start businesses at twice the rate as native born Americans. According … Continue reading

Justice & Peace Alert from Conference of Major Superiors of Men

published on: February 6, 2019

Officials with the Conference of Major Superiors of Men had mixed reactions to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Feb. 5. “There were a number of helpful things said and others we might want to challenge as … Continue reading

Working to Eliminate Global Violence

published on: January 23, 2019

A coalition led by the Conference of Major Superiors of Men and other faith communities had a major success recently as the Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act passed the 2018 Congress and was just signed by the President into … Continue reading

Viator House of Hospitality Finds New Meaning in Nativity Story

published on: January 10, 2019

Viator House of Hospitality, a ministry of accompaniment sponsored by the Viatorian Community, celebrates its second year anniversary this month, and with the recent addition of a young man — who arrived on Christmas Day no less — its mission seems as … Continue reading