The Viatorian Community joined with Pope Francis and the worldwide Catholic Church on Jan. 18, in observing the World Day of Migrants and Refugees.

Specifically, Viatorians supported the statement made by Pope Francis regarding “safeguarding the dignity and centrality of every human person.”

In a world of constantly changing international relations, shifting economies, and humanitarian challenges of growing complexity, he said the need for more international cooperation is more important than ever.International Catholic Migration Commission

“A more decisive and constructive action is required,” Pope Francis said, “one which relies on a universal network of cooperation, based on safeguarding the dignity and centrality of every human person.”

The International Catholic Migration Commission — which is based in Geneva, Switzerland — underscored two urgent challenges: the need for more international cooperation and collaborative governance, and the need to establish new models of diverse, yet stable, societies in which social and economic development can take place.

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