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Viatorians Urge Congress to Fund Office of Refugee Resettlement

November 19, 2015

The Viatorian Community urges Congress to rise above fear and welcome refugees,

including children fleeing violence in Syria, Central America and refugees from other troubled areas.We believe that welcoming refugees is a sign and a source of our nation’s strength.

Specifically, as Congress continues its work on spending legislation, we urge them to provide enough funding for the Office of Refugee Resettlement, which got $1.1 billion last year, and which should receive an increase to serve 85,000 refugees, up from 70,000 last year.

The United States has offered to take a small fraction of the millions of Syrian refugees – only about 10,000. A great many of the people we will take in are children – of the nearly 2,200 Syrians we have accepted up to now, half have been children.

Our elected officials can welcome war-stricken children and adults and help to calm their fears and re-make their lives. Or they can play upon fears here.

We urge them to do the former.