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Viatorians Condemn Anti-Immigrant Hate Speech

September 2, 2015

As the presidential race heats up, so too, it seems does the anti-immigrant sentiment and even hateful speech.ADL poster

Talk is cheap, but in this case, hateful, anti-immigrant platitudes can lead to attacks on innocent people and make immigrants the target of hate crimes.

GreenblattJonathan Greenblatt, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, addressed this topic in a blog that was published Aug. 21 in the Huffington Post.

“The words used on the campaign trail, on the floors of Congress, in the news, and in all our living rooms have consequences,” Greenblatt wrote. “They directly impact our ability to sustain a society that ensures dignity and equality for all.  Bigoted rhetoric and words laced with prejudice are building blocks for the pyramid of hate.”