Members of the Viatorian Community are backing the Nuns on the Bus in their latest trek to get out the vote. They are making stops in Minnesota, Chicago and Michigan, promoting voters make themselves heard, especially to elect officials who are concerned with growing poverty rate.FB

“When people vote, politicians listen,” they say. “As the U.S. Census Bureau’s new report on poverty emerges, making your voice heard at the polls is crucial for creating a more just society.”

They point to the newly released U.S. Census Report on poverty that paints a troubling economic reality for the nation. Although the poverty rate slightly decreased over the past year (15 percent to 14.5 percent), too many families are facing persistent obstacles to economic stability. Over 45 million people remain in poverty.

“We need politicians committed to social justice,” add officials with SHARE, a national Catholic social justice lobby. “Our elected officials must prioritize policies that work to reduce poverty among our neighbors, such as unemployment insurance and the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

“By showing up to vote,” they add, “we the people will choose the leaders who will work for policies that benefit 100 percent of the people.”