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The Blessing of Night

December 7, 2016

As the daylight hours give way during the month of December, the night calls our attention. Darkness invites us into its mystery, to gaze into its star-filled sky with wonder.

As we watch and wait for the Light during the season of Advent, the darkness of a particular night can be a powerful setting for prayer.

God of wonder and hope, we thank you for your everlasting presence. Though we feel lonely and estranged at times, never are we abandoned by you.

May the nights always be a reminder to us to see your face. You who govern the night, inspire in us a faith like our ancestors of old, a faith that costs our needless fear and crippling despair.

We ask you to bless this night. May it increase our longing for the fullness of your kingdom, more bountiful than all the stars that cover the sky.

Awed by the immensity of night, may we live as vigilant pilgrims, always ready to walk when you call us home. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. NCRLC

Taken from a calendar published by Catholic Rural Life.