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Taking Action to Support Children

April 8, 2013

The Viatorian Community joined with national, state and local organizations in appealing to senators to expand federal funding to increase school safety children's defense fundmeasures.

They signed a letter composed by the Children’s Defense Fund and submitted to the Senate as they begin debate on common sense proposals to reduce gun violence and keep children safe. The letter urges senators to support positive school safety enhancements, as well as universal background checks for all gun purchases, and a ban on high capacity, ammunition magazines.

The Viatorians believe that these provisions will help protect children from the gun violence that threatens their lives every day. The Children’s Defene Fund points to these statistics, that in 2010 alone, the voices of 2,694 children and teens — or seven every day —  were permanently silenced by gun violence. Since 1963, an estimated 166,500 children and teens have been killed by guns.

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