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Speaking Out Against Gun Violence

May 10, 2013

The Viatorians recently joined with other faith communities who feel passionately about the proliferatin of guns in Illinois, in writing to state legilators to stop the violence.

Members of the Viatorian Community signed on to a letter composed by the Chicago-based Community Renewal Society, which lobbied for gun legislation that includes greater accountability of gun buyers and owners.

“We are deeply concerned at the gross lack of control over monitoring who can own guns,” the letter reads, “and over the number of ‘legal’ straw buyers who every day put weapons of human destruction in the hands of gang members, members of hate groups, and other individuals who are likely to do damage to other human beings.”

Community Renewal Society is a progressive, faith-based organization that works to eliminate race and class barriers. It was founded in 1882, and its 60 faith communities and more than 5,000 individual members work to inform, organize and train people to advocate for social and economic justice.

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