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Reacting to the Killing of French Priest with Mercy

August 3, 2016

With the killing of Fr. Jacques Hamel by a 19-year old terrorist on July 26, the Jacques HamelConference of Major Superiors of Men encourages religious communities to react with mercy, rather than being merciless, as former French President Nicolas Sarkozy recently implored.

“As Catholics, this should ring a bell in us as we are in the Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis,” writes Eli McCarthy, justice and peace director for the CMSM. “Who are we? How should we respond? Is it possible to respond with mercy?”Hamel funeral

It is not easy, McCarthy writes, yet, as children of God we are called to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

“Jesus calls us to pray for our persecutors, to forgive others, to be ambassadors of reconciliation, and yes, to love our enemies,” McCarthy writes. “This is mercy. Jesus makes it possible for us to participate in such mercy.”

McCarthy enumerates ways to carry out such mercy in his latest Justice & Peace Alert, including a letter drafted to President Barack Obama that supporters can send. Read all the details, here.