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Preventing Gun Violence

February 5, 2013


The Viatorian Community urges other faith communities to unite to prevent gun violence. Here, they share a recent statement from the Conference of Major Superiors of Men (CMSM) on ways to work together to transform our culture:As we shift from the Christmas Season and move closer to Lent,   let us pause…the children of God continue to pray for us as we politically   discuss gun violence, global poverty, immigration reform, and care for   creation. Oh Spirit, nudge our hearts to the freedom found in deep love for   each and every being of your creation.


In the U.S. we own about 90 guns per every 100 people. The next   closest country is Yemen at about 60 guns per 100 people. The epidemic of gun   violence in the U.S. has finally led to action as President Obama is now   proposing stricter gun control measures, background checks, mental health   resources, etc. The USCCB, CMSM, LCWR, and other Catholic groups have signed   an interfaith letter to Congress calling for more stringent gun control laws   as a first step toward transforming our culture. We will need more   than this such as peace education in our schools, restorative justice   programs in our schools/courts/families, ongoing nonviolent conflict   intervention trainings in our communities, development of local peace teams   to provide unarmed civilian peacekeeping.

Statement issued by the CMSM in January, 2013

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