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Learn More About Volunteer Opportunities for Farmers Overseas

July 9, 2014

The Viatorian Community supports the National Catholic Rural Life Conference and its partnership with Catholic Relief Services (CRS), in promoting the U.S. State Department’s Farmer to Farmer program in East Africa.Farmer to Farmer

The Farmer to Farmer program offers volunteers 2-3 week assignments in one of five East African countries. Participants help train locals in everything from crop management to financial skills. Travel costs and basic expenses are covered by CRS.

Beth Hyser, program director for the Catholic Rural Relief Conference, describes Farmer to Farmer as a clear example of “living out the values of Catholic social justice.”

In other CRL news, read an interview with Cardinal Timothy NCRLCDolan, Archbishop of New York, about his thoughts on the importance of rural life in the church today, as well as sustainable solutions for the 2014 Farm Bill, documented in a statement by the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition.

For these and other news items, visit the National Catholic Rural Life Conference’s web site.