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Good Friday Walk for Justice

March 20, 2013

Join members of the Viatorian Community as they partner with the 8th Day Center for Justice in Chicago on the 33rd annual Good Friday Walk for Justice.

Just as Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights movement “rolled the stone” away from the tomb of racism, this walk serves as a way to collectively roll away the stone from modern day injustices — in our city, country and world.

Supporters will walk through downtown Chicago, stopping at “stations” or large plazas along the way, including: the Financial Plaza, Federal Plaza, Daley Plaza and Thompson Center Plaza. At each of these stops, prayers and reflections will be offered by various justice-seeking coalitions. Participants will be reminded of those who are condemned, burdened, stripped of dignity, tortured and killed by unjust public policies.

Walkers will meet at noon on Friday, March 29 at the corner of Congress Boulevard and Michigan Avenue in Chicago for the procession. All are welcome.

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