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US Province

Province, Arlington HeightsUnited States
Provincial Offices:

1212 East Euclid Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Phone: 847-398-1350
Fax: 847-394-4507

The Viatorian Province Center is home to Provincial Administration Offices, including the Office of Communications, the Business Office, Archives, Office of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation; Office of Vocations and the retirement center.

  • Arlington Heights:

    St. Viator High SchoolSaint Viator High School
    1213 East Oakton Street
    Arlington Heights, IL 60004
    Phone: 847-392-4050
    Fax: 847-392-4101

    The Clerics of St. Viator founded Saint Viator High School as a school for young men in 1961 in an effort to fulfill their commitment to the Christian education of youth. In 1987, Saint Viator High School merged with Sacred Heart of Mary of Rolling Meadows to become a co-educational institution.  Saint Viator High School is a Catholic college preparatory community committed to providing religious formation and an academic program of excellence for young women and men of the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

    Viatorians serving at SVHS: Associates Cathy and Don Abrahamian, Br. Peter Lamick, CSV,  Associate John Paulik, Associate Ann Perez and Fr. Arnold Perham, CSV, as well as Associate Tim Schwarz and Fr. John Van Wiel, CSV, on its board of trustees, and Fr. Dan Hall, CSV, Br. Michael Gosch, CSV, Fr. Mark Francis, CSV, and Fr. Dan Lydon, CSV, on its board of governors.


    St. Mary’s Church
    308 Saint Charles St.
    Beaverville, IL 60912
    (815) 435-2432

    In 2014, Fr. Daniel Belanger, CSV, was asked to become pastor of the historic St. Mary’s Church, along with pastoring its neighboring parish, St. George Church. St. Mary’s was founded in 1857 by a group of French Canadian families, who traveled down the St. Lawrence River and across the Great Lakes in search of farmland. The church now serves approximately 100 farm families who continue to work to preserve the church, known as the “cathedral in the cornfields” and in 1996 parishioners successfully had it placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Fr. Dan is the only priest serving the community.


    Blessed Virgin MaryMaternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church
    308 E. Marsile Street
    Bourbonnais, IL 60914
    Phone: 815-933-8285
    Fax: 815-933-8289

    Maternity BVM is the first permanent Viatorian parish in the United States. Fr. Pierre Beaudoin, Br. Augustin Martel and Br. Jean-Baptiste Bernard, the first Viatorians, arrived in 1865.

    The current church is the third church to be built on the site. The first church was a log church built in 1842; the second was built in 1851-52 to replace the log church which had become too small. This church burned in 1853 under suspicious circumstances. The third, is the present church built in 1855 by the parishioners themselves who quarried the stone and hewed the wooden beams.  Not a single nail was used in the construction of the church.

    Viatorians serving at Maternity BVM: Associates John Ohlendorf and Patty Wischnowski, Fr. Jason Nesbit, CSV, pastor, and Fr. Daniel Lydon, CSV, associate pastor.

    St. George Church
    5272 E. 5000 North Road
    Bourbonnais, IL 60914
    Phone: 815-939-1851
    Fax: 815-939-2777
    Website: www.stgeorgeil.comThe first stone structure of St. George Church was built in January 1869 and destroyed by a tornado in April that same year. In 1872, the parishioners  volunteered time and expertise to build the church, whose outer walls survive today. The church was gutted by fire in 1959, but the new church emerged within the stone walls of the 1872 church and was dedicated by Bishop McNamara in 1960. Viatorians serving at St. George: Fr. Dan Belanger, CSV, pastor, Associates Susan and David Surprenant, Curt and Kathy Saindon, Robert and Julie Lampley and Paula Wasser.

    Catholic Theological Union
    5416 S. Cornell Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60615
    Phone: 773-371-5400


    Catholic Theological Union is one of the largest graduate schools of theology in the country, that opened in 1968. Viatorians joined as a supportive community in 1972, and have served on the faculty, on the board of sponsoring religious communities and on its board of trustees. Fr. Mark Francis, CSV, serves as president, while Fr. Daniel Hall, CSV, Provincial, serves on the corporate board and Fr. Daniel Lydon, CSV, serves on its board of trustees.


    St. Viator ParishSt. Viator Parish
    4170 W. Addison Street
    Chicago, IL 60641
    Phone: 773-286-4040
    Fax: 773-286-4122
    Website :

    The Viatorians founded St. Viator Church in 1888 outside the city limits of Chicago in the Irving Park neighborhood. The parish moved to its present location on Addison Street in the early 1900’s. The cornerstone of the present church, rectory and convent was laid in 1927 and and dedicated by Cardinal George Mundelein in 1929.

    Viatorians serving at St. Viator:  Associates Jackie Dupon, Betty Faraci, Chris Gluckwa, Linda Nishi, Hector Obregon-Luna, Jose and Gema Rangel, Susana Tellez and Ivy Vera, Fr. Patrick Render, CSV, pastor, and Fr. Moses Mesh, CSV, associate pastor.

    Northwest Suburbs

    Viator House of Hospitality

    Established in January, 2017, Viator House of Hospitality provides compassionate accompaniment of young, adult male undocumented immigrants released from federal detention.

    VHH provides a supportive living environment where these young men can attend school, improve their language skills, grow spiritually and emotionally, receive proper medical care, while they pursue their asylum cases.

    Viatorians serving at VHH include: Fr. Corey Brost, CSV, and Br. Michael Gosch, CSV, who serve as co-directors, as well as Associates Karen Cutler and Susana Tellez, and Pre-Associate Brian Hansen.


    Bishop McNamara Catholic School
    550 W. Brookmont
    Kankakee, IL 60901
    Phone: 815-933-7758


    Bishop McNamara Catholic School takes in four locations, including K-6 classes at St. Joseph’s School in Bradley as well as K-6 classes at Maternity BVM School in Bourbonnais. Bishop McNamara High School in Kankakee is home to seventh and eighth grades as well as high school students.

    Viatorians serving within the school system include: Fr. Dan Belanger, CSV, and Fr. John Peeters, CSV, as well as Associates Ken and Michelle Barrie.



    St. Patrick ChurchSt. Patrick Church
    428 S. Indiana Avenue
    Kankakee, IL 60901
    Phone: 815-932-6716
    Fax: 815-932-2585

    St. Patrick Church began in 1891 when the Catholic Columbian Association assembled and formed a building committee which chose the lots of the present location. Church construction began in 1892 with the first service in the new building held on March 11, 1894.  The Romanesque style limestone building is 135 feet by 60 feet originally designed to seat 600 worshipers for an original cost of $35,000. The Clerics of St. Viator began serving at St. Patrick’s in 1931.

    Viatorians serving at St. Patrick Church: Associates Michelle and Ken Barrie, Associate Marilyn Mulcahy, Fr. John Peeters, CSV, Fr. Richard Pighini, CSV, and Fr. Donald Wehnert, CSV.


    Villa DesiderataVilla Desiderata Retreat Center
    3015 N. Bayview Lane
    McHenry, IL 60051-9641
    Phone: 815-385-2264

    Located in McHenry, IL on seven acres of serene woods on the shores of the Pistakee Bay, the Villa was originally a summer home for the Viatorians. Fr. Gene Lutz began offering retreats for inner city youth in 1965.  In the 1970’s, the Center was opened to members of recovery groups. Br. Pat Drohan, CSV, has continued in Fr. Lutz’s footsteps.  He has been ministering at the Villa since 1963 and is considered the backbone of the Center.

    Rock Island:

    Alleman High SchoolAlleman High School
    1103 40th Street
    Rock Island, IL 61201
    Phone: 309-786-7793
    Fax: 309-786-7834

    Viatorians began teaching at Alleman High School in 1953 and assumed responsibility for operation and administration of the school in 1967. Alleman is a Catholic college preparatory school currently administered by the Diocese of Peoria. Fr. Daniel Mirabelli, who has been on the faculty/staff for nearly 50 years, is the Director of Development.

    St. Anne:

    St. Anne ChurchSt. Anne Church
    230 N. Sixth Avenue
    P.O. Box 470
    Saint Anne, IL 60964
    Phone: 815-427-8265
    Fax: 815-427-8267

    St. Anne Church was founded in 1851, and the present church was built in 1872. The Clerics of St. Viator have been charged with the direction of the Parish since 1920.  In 1856, the founder of the Village and the Parish, Fr. Charles Chiniquy was sent to start a parish for the large number of French Canadians that had settled in the area.. After arriving, Fr. Chiniquy began to question many of the beliefs of the Catholic Church. After many difficulties he was excommunicated by the Catholic Bishop of Chicago. Fr. Chiniquy led the larger part of the parish into schism and eventually affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. Fr. Chiniquy sued in civil court for the parish church. He won the suit, and the Catholic remnant had occasional Mass in cabin homes served by a priest from Beaverville. The present church grew from that remnant. The Clerics of St. Viator were called from Montréal as orthodox Catholic teachers to combat the influence of Fr. Chiniquy. The schism at St. Anne was the moving force behind the Clerics of St. Viator’s mission to the United States. Fr. James Fanale is the current pastor of St. Anne Church.


    St. Martin de Porres High School

    Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep

    501 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.
    Waukegan, IL 60085
    Phone: 847-224-6895

    Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep is a Catholic co-educational college preparatory school. As a Cristo Rey Network school, education is made affordable through each student’s participation in the Corporate Internship Program. Students work five days a month at a corporate partner to offset the cost of her/his education.  In turn, each student experiences a real workplace environment.

    Viatorians currently serving at CRSM: Associate James Thomas, board member, and Fr. John Milton, physics consultant.



    Las Vegas:

    St. Viator ChurchSt. Viator Catholic Community
    2461 E. Flamingo Road
    Las Vegas, NV 89121
    Phone: 702-733-8323/733-8324
    Fax: 702-733-8154

    In 1954, the Viatorians were granted a parish of their own. St. Viator Parish, Las Vegas was first held in homes of parishioners, then a bank, and various other locations. In 1963, fifteen acres near Flamingo and Eastern streets were procured from the Bureau of Land Management in order for the church to be built. In 1977, a new church building was completed. Las Vegas continued to have a population explosion facilitating the need for a larger church to accommodate this growing population. On September 2, 1995 the first Mass was celebrated in the current building.

    Viatorians currently serving at St. Viator Church: Fr. Richard Rinn, Fr. Larry Lentz, Br. Rob Robertson, Br. Michael Rice, Associate Anthony Gugino, Associates Paul and Rosy Hartz, and Associate Deborah Perez .

    North Las Vegas

    Cristo Rey St. Viator Las Vegas College Preparatory
    High School
    2880 N. Van Der Meer St.
    North Las Vegas, NV 89030
    Web site:

    Opening in August, 2019, the Viatorian Community will sponsor the 35th Catholic school in the Cristo Rey Network, that serves more than 10,000 students across the country. Fr. Thomas von Behren, CSV, will serve as president and already is working to build support for the school in the Las Vegas community. Viatorians also serving the school include: Br. Carlos Flórez, CSV, Br. Rob Robertson, CSV, Br. Michael Gosch, CSV, and Associates Deborah Perez and Dan Schwarz.


    Bishop Gorman High School

     Bishop Gorman High School
     5959 S Hualapai Way
     Las Vegas, NV 89148
     (702) 732-1945

    Bishop Gorman High School opened its doors in 1954, as the result of a collaboration between the Diocese of Reno-Las Vegas, Romy and Kathleen Hammes, who donated the land, and the Clerics of St. Viator, who agreed to administrate and staff it. It was and continues to be the only Catholic high school in southern Nevada. Its mission has remained the same: to be a national leader in college preparatory education, in an environment distinguished by Catholic values. Over the last 60 years, many Viatorians have served at the school. Currently Br. Rob Robertson, Br. Daniel Tripamer and Viatorian Associates Kim Martinez and Bridget Michlik serve at the school.


    Bogotá, Colombia:

    Colegio San ViatorColegio San Viator
    Apartado Aéreo 102413
    Bogotá 10, D.C.
    Colombia, South America
    Phone: 011 571 676-0957/676-0296/676-0997
    Fax: 011 571 676-5883

    Colegio San Viator was founded in 1963 to provide a quality Catholic education for young men. In 2012, it began transitioning into a co-educational school, and in 2016 it began the process of being accredited as an International Baccalaureate School. Colegio San Viator seeks the balanced development of students as a way of bringing about personal and social change. One of the goals of the school is to graduate its students with solid human and Christian values who are intellectually prepared to successfully deal with the advances taking place in the world.

    Viatorians currently serving at Colegio San Viator: Fr. Alejandro Adame, Br. Fredy Contreras, Fr. Felipe Montes, Br. William Pardo, Fr. John Pisors, Br. Edwin Ruiz, Br. Juan Carlos Ubaque, and Fr. Albeyro Vanegas.

    Parroquia Santa Inés
    C.C. S. Pedro L-3 Colombia, Bogotá
    Phone: (57) (1) 6765005Viatorians further expanded their ministry in Colombia in 2014 by accepting the administratin of Parroquia Santa Ines, located in the sector of Guaymaral, north of Bogotá. In addition to consolidating many activities at the parish and improving its facilities, Fr. Frank Enciso, its first Viatorian pastor, established a chapel of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

    Proposed St. Viator Parish

    Parroquia San Viator
    Torremolinos, Lote 3 Via Arrayanes
    Bogota, D.C. Colombia
    South America
    Phone: 011 571 354 4385

    Viatorians furthered their commitment to the people of Bogota, with the latest plan to build a new parish, St. Viator. Fr. Edgar Suarez, CSV, superior of the foundation already serves as pastor of the new parish, celebrating Mass with parishioners under a tent. Fundraising for the proposed church began in 2014 and continues. Fr. Frank Enciso, CSV, also lives in residence at the parish and assists in ministry.

    Tunja, Colombia:

    Colegio San Viator, Tunja
    Avenida Universitaria # 62-100
    Barrio La Villita
    Tunja, Boyacá Colombia
    South America
    Tel 011 57 8 745 9984
    Cell 011 57 310 767 6260

    Viatorians furthered their presence in Colombia in February, 2017, when they opened a second school in the country, Colegio San Viator, Tunja. Set amid the Eastern ranges of the Colombian Andes, the school is co-ed and serves kindergartners through high school students. It also features all the qualities of a Viatorian education, namely one that is faith-based, co-educational, bilingual and pastoral, with professed Viatorians on staff. Fr. Pedro Herrara, CSV, serves as president. Fr. Fredy Contreras, CSV, serves as vice president of the school, while Br. Juan Carlos Ubaque, CSV, works in Campus Ministry.